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Darzee Scrubs Wild Aspen Exfoliator is an innovative, patent-pending, and 100% plant-based product.  The wellness body scrubber is:

  1. Free from plastic, petroleum-based, or animal product

  2. Gentle in cleansing, exfoliating and massaging your body

  3. Cleaner than a sponge or loofah--less likely to promote bacteria growth; machine washable

  4. Naturally odor resistant without synthetic chemical and artificial fragrance additives

JTH_9828 (2).jpg

Whether you want to pamper yourself with a relaxing bath or take a quick refreshing shower to jump start your day...

You can feel good about using Darzee Scrubs Wild Aspen Exfoliator made of natural aspen wood fiber and cotton fabric. 

Unlike a sponge or loofah, the body scrubber is specially designed to make it easy to wash off dead skin cells and debris after use.  Moreover, the aspen wood fiber releases moisture through breathable cotton fabric, making it harder for bacteria to breed and spread.

We use responsibly and sustainably harvested wild aspen sourced in Colorado. The fabric, ribbon, and thread used in making the body scrubbers are 100% cotton. 

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Use Darzee Scrubs Wild Aspen Exfoliator with your favorite soap, body wash, or body scrub for more even and deeper exfoliation...

Wellness body scrubbers with personality!  With many fun designs--Indigo Zen, Pink Wild Hibiscus, Orange Passion Hibiscus, Live Free, Rocky Mountain Friends, Purrfect Day, and Furever Friends--explore whatever you are in the mood for.  When the life cycle of the scrubber is over, it is ready for composting.


Still not sure?  How about free shipping without minimum order?  And check out our risk-free guarantee below.   

The Wild Aspen Exfoliators are created by a family-owned, small business based in Colorado that prizes the goodness and purity of nature.  At Darzee Scrubs, we believe in providing quality products with excellent service.  Our products come with free shipping within the continental United States.  No minimum order required. 
Our products also come with our risk-free guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the product, simply contact us for a refund.  You don't even have to return the scrubbers.  Please consider composting the used scrubbers instead.  

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